Narmada Gardens Pvt Ltd

Narmada Gardens Private Limited was established in the year 2007. We are Manufacturer, Wholesaler, Retailer of Puff Rice,  Par boiled non basmati rice, Broken Rice, Rice Bran, etc. We are a modernized rice mill with full automation technology. We believe in quality production and ultimate satisfaction of our customers.


With continuous research and study we have been able to upgrade our technology in order to derive best of the result from our rice. Our rice has been duly appreciated in our domestic market in terms of ratio of production and in terms of size of puffing and hence getting repeated orders from the customers.

We are committed to quality and to cater the needs of our customers and ultimate users of rice. Currently we are selling the par boield rice under ” PARIWAR” and “NEW BABA BHOG” brands with different variety as miniket, ratna, swarna etc. and Puff rice under “NG SUNRISE” NG SUPER LALAT ” AND BALAJI SUPER LALAT” brands which are sortexed, stone free and grader rice.

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